Sigmar Hot Water Systems: A Top Choice In Australia’s Caravan And Marine Industry

Sigma Water Heaters are one of the most popular water heaters for boats and caravans in use in Australia today. From Perth to Melbourne, right up to the Gold Coast, wherever you find leisure boats, caravans or RVs, you’re sure to find a Sigma water heater. Energy-efficient, compact and easy to maintain, the popularity of these heaters is no accident: they are custom designed with boating and caravan travel in mind, by one of the leading players in the heating game, Sigma Thermal.

Sigma Water Heaters: Popular In Caravan And Boat Travel

Sigma Water Heaters For Caravans

If you’re heading out in your caravan for a long holiday, you’re going to require at least some level of comfort. Being able to take a hot shower at the end of the day would top the list of most people’s most basic needs. Especially on long trips, constant cold showers can really wear away at your enjoyment of your time on the road. If you’re heading into the outback, or you’re just out in the winter nights, a cold shower is possibly the last thing you want to face before bedtime.

If you want to feel at home on the road, quite simply, without a caravan hot water system you probably never will. So having a hot water system in your caravan can make a real difference. Given that you’ve already invested a significant amount in your caravan or RV, it makes sense that you want to enjoy your time in it to the fullest. This is why so many caravan owners decide that if you want comfort in your caravan, electric hot water systems are the way to go.

The reasons the Sigma caravan hot water unit is so popular are many, but probably foremost in the mind of most caravan users is their compact size. With space at a premium in most caravans and recreational vehicles, sigma water heaters are designed to fit snugly out of the way. This frees up much-needed floor space and allows you room to move around, stretch your legs, and just generally do whatever it is you need to do, without having to dodge one more unneeded obstacle.

Their solid build and quality components mean they are among the most durable and reliable heaters on the market and a perfect water heater for caravan trips. Caravanners can be assured that they will not need to go without hot water – especially good to know when you’re many miles from the nearest repair shop! The fact that they can also gain heat from the engine with their built-in heat exchanger also means they’re super-economical and remove the need to be constantly hooked up to electric – allowing you the freedom to go wherever you wish, without having to live without hot water. This is perhaps their major advantage over the caravan gas water heater: a gas hot water heater for caravan use is fine, but it does mean you need to carry gas everywhere you go.

Sigma Hot Water Heaters For Boats

The reasons Sigma marine hot water systems are so popular with boaters are similar. Arguably, given how exposed to the weather you can be out on the water, a reliable and robust hot water system is even more important. If you’ve been on deck all day in the driving wind, being able to reheat those numb fingers and get some warmth back in your bones can certainly feel like a lifesaver. Even in the warm waters off Sydney, wind chill can set in.

The Sigma’s robust build and non-rust casing make it a perfect marine water heater. This is also where Sigma’s heat exchanger comes into its own: the last time we checked, we didn’t find a single power point out in the open ocean! If you spot one, be sure to keep us informed. Of course, when you’re in harbour you might be able to find one, but for hot water on the high seas, a hot water heater which can take the heat from your engine and recycle it is essential. See our post on reasons to install a boat hot water system if you need more persuasion. And unlike a marine gas water heater, there’s no need to carry gas canisters. You might even say this boat water heater is a godsend.

Benefits Of Sigma Water Heaters

Sigma Water Heaters compact size and cylindrical casing make them easy to fit into housings in caravans, and alongside the engine in boats. They are built with this in mind, which is why they’re one of the most compact heaters, relative to heating power, available on the market.

The super-tough plastic casing means they do not rust, nor are they prone to any form of corrosion. It is also a great insulator, and the totally encased design means that Sigma Water Heaters retain their heat way better than many heaters on the market, as does the dis-axial alignment of the heater itself.

Five rock solid fixing points mean the heater will never be shaken loose, no matter how rough the road or high the seas. Sigma hot water heaters come in a wide range of sizes, from 20 to 80 litres, so whether it’s a small caravan or a large pleasure yacht, there’s sure to be something to fit your requirements.

Ease Of Installation

As Sigma hot water systems are designed with boats and caravans in mind, they are not only the best heaters for the job: they are also super easy to install. Simply attach one hose to the water supply and the other to the outlet from your engine, screw into place using the 5 solid fixing points, and oui la: your caravan or boat is hooked up to a steady stream of hot water. They can be installed flat, upright or at any angle, meaning they can fit into almost any space.

Whether you’re boating off the Sunshine Coast or taking a quick caravan break out of Brisbane city, hot water in your vehicle can help make your trip into the experience you deserve. With shipping Australia-wide, visit BCA Australia today for all your caravanning and boating needs.

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