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Must Have Camper Accessories

Whether you are setting out for a holiday or just for an overnight stay, traveling in your own camper or motorhome can be a great time. But like any outdoor activity it is important to travel with the necessary equipment, to provide both safety and leisure. There are several must have camper accessories that will greatly enhance your journey and ensure you always have a fantastic and safe time.

We’ve created a list of the must have RV accessories, and these items have been chosen for the traveller who likes to feel safe and secure on their journey while also enjoying the little things that a life on the road provides. These range from hot water bottles to foldout tables to ensure maximum convenience and comfort. Browse the list below and pick out the items that will take your travels to the next level.

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Motorhome Must Have Accessories

Hot Water System

Everybody likes hot water, whether it’s for bathing or making coffee, a hot water system is one of our motorhome must have accessories. By having RV hot water systems operating in your camper you won’t have to sacrifice the luxury of hot water while traveling on the road, with BCA Australia having a variety of systems to suit the size of your caravan or RV.


Most campers and motorhomes come with a built-in kitchen, so having the necessary cookware to make the most of it is one of the motorhome must have accessories. Whether you like to cook up a storm or fancy a quick snack, packing some plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, pots, and pans will ensure you are always ready to satiate your need for a feed.

Lagun Folding Table

Making the most of the limited space inside your camper is essential, so having a bulky table that takes up half the area is a major hindrance. That’s why the Lagun Folding Table is one of the must have camper accessories. The Lagun is one of the best caravan folding tables on the market as it is designed for convenience, able to be swivelled around the space and folded away when not in use.


Though some people go traveling in their camper to get away from technology, others still like to enjoy their devices while out on the road. If you are hoping to use power while on your journey, from televisions to appliances, a generator is one of the must have camper accessories. There are different levels of generator based on how much power you need, so it is important to calculate your wattage requirements so you can purchase the right generator for the job. Bigger models will need to be left outside, while smaller ones will be able to be safely kept inside your vehicle.

Gas Bottle Holder

While a gas bottle is already one of the must have RV accessories, it is just as important to invest in a gas bottle holder. Part of the appeal of having a motorhome is the ability to drive around in your travels, and by purchasing one of these caravan gas bottle storage devices you can have peace of mind knowing your gas bottle is staying upright and in a secure position while you travel.

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