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Getting Your Camper Ready for Summer

Warm days, blue skies, and the open road – summer is calling, and it’s time to get ready for another season of great camping adventures. While it is tempting to just jump in and go, some time spent getting your camper ready for summer will make your getaways so much more pleasant and rewarding.

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Useful Tips on How to Get Your Camper Ready for Summer

Check and Inspect – Inside and Out

Even if your camper has wintered indoors, it’s important to go over it looking for any signs of deterioration, and it’s especially needed if your camper was parked outside during the colder months, even if it was covered the whole time. If you find any problems, they’ll be much easier and convenient to correct now – and less expensive than when out on the road. If it’s going to affect your enjoyment or safety, fix it now. If your camper is towed or has the ability to tow, always be sure to check the tow point and related equipment like safety chains.

And Under the Hood

Check the motor and driveline for any obvious signs of leakage – wet areas on components, puddles on the floor. Check all fluids, including the hard-to-reach ones, which are typically the transfer case and axles. This is one of the most important parts of getting your camper ready for summer and it’s not very difficult – although it may be a little grimy. You can always take your camper to a mechanic for these checks, but checking as much as you’re able and comfortable doing will help familiarise you with the powertrain. That could be very useful out on the road in case of a breakdown, or to catch trouble before it turns into a breakdown.

Don’t Forget the Tyres

While you’re looking at everything, don’t overlook the tyres. Even if your camper hasn’t gone anywhere since last season, you should always check air pressure and look for any sign of cracking. Check the spare, too.

Inspect and Charge the Batteries

Pull off battery cables to clean them and the battery terminals. Top off battery charge, and look for leakage. You’ll be depending on your batteries for power while camping, and to start the motor reliably each time. Some people recommend beginning each camping season, or every other season, with new batteries. This can be expensive, but it’s not unreasonable – a camper’s batteries go from storage and trickle charging to being worked quite hard and back again, so their life is harder than it would be in a daily driven car or truck.

Clean and Sanitise Your Water System and Tanks

If you’ve put anti-freeze in your water system to prevent pipe damage in sub-freezing weather, you’ll need to drain it once you’re sure the outside temperature won’t drop below freezing again. Then it’s time to sanitise the pipes and also your tanks – fresh water, grey water, and black water. You’ll need a generous water source, and one of the excellent sanitising products available from your RV dealer. While you’re flushing pipes and sanitising tanks, it’s also a good time to watch for leaks from anywhere in the plumbing system.

Check Hot Water

When it comes to knowing how to get your camper ready for summer, it’s important to note that there are different types of hot water systems available – your owner’s manual will guide you in inspecting and testing operation. Plenty of hot water on demand makes camping and traveling so much more enjoyable – upgraded campervan hot water systems are a great way to make a good time even better.

Check Propane System

Check all propane lines and in-line components for good connections and cleanliness. If you have a permanent onboard gas bottle, you may wish to have it and the propane system inspected at an RV dealer. If you’re using a replaceable gas bottle, inspect the mountings and make sure the bottle is very secure. Check out a premium caravan gas bottle holder for complete security and peace of mind.

Check Appliances

Fire up your camper’s fridge, stove, microwave and any other appliances to make sure they are ready to go before you start depending on them. It’s best to do this at least a few days before departure in case a change or repair is needed. Many people will prepare and eat a few meals and spend a night or two onboard before they leave, to make sure everything is ready and working right – getting your camper ready for summer wouldn’t be complete otherwise.

Consider the Interior

You’re going to be spending quality time inside your camper – even if you go out every day to explore and enjoy, you’ll want your camper to be the most welcoming and comfortable place to come back to. Is there anything inside that has been inconvenient or bothersome on the road or in camp? Now is the time to tackle it, before you start rolling. Almost any camper will benefit from more table space – and table space that is more convenient to use. A fold-away caravan table is one of the most useful additions you can make – and also one of the easiest.

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