Benefits Of Marine Gas Installation On Your Boat

Whether you’re sailing, cruising or just relaxing on your boat for the weekend, you probably want some level of comfort. If you’re going to be on your boat for any length of time then it’s a huge plus to be able to cook your own food. If you’ve ever been out on the water in the colder months of the year, then you know how tough it can be out on there. With little shelter from the weather, the temperatures can plummet. It’s enough to put you off heading out on the water altogether. 

Of course, when you’re out on deck you’re going to need a good jacket, but what about when you turn in for the night? And what could be more comforting after a hard day than a hot meal and a hot shower? If you want to spend more time on your boat, but you don’t want the hardship, a marine gas installation could well be the answer. No longer will your boating be limited to the warmer months. With heating onboard, you can boat all year round, wherever you are in Australia. Add a marine hot water heater to this setup and you really will be cooking. Read on and we’ll tell you all about the benefits of heating your boat using gas.

What Is A Marine Gas Installation?

With a marine gas installation can hook your boat up to a gas heating system, a cooker, or both. You can then cook on fire in your galley and provide ambient heating in the enclosed areas of your boat. With your boat comfortably heated you have somewhere to retreat when the temperature drops and a warm cuppa to get the blood flowing in the extremities. A marine gas installation could well be the thing that makes your boat feel a lot more like a floating home.

A marine gas installation could well be the thing that makes your boat feel like a floating home.

If you’re thinking about installing a gas heating or cooker system, or a gas water heater, boat safety is paramount. Of course, a badly installed gas system for your boat could be a risk. A trained marine gas installation specialist, however, will ensure that your gas system is fitted properly and safely. That’s why we think it’s essential you have your work carried out and inspected by trained professionals. Well installed systems will need automatic low gas pressure cut-off switch, and a flame failure device fitted. With these features in place though there’s nothing preventing you enjoying heating throughout your boat in the winter months. Of course, gas bottles need to be safely stored too, and our gas bottle holders will make sure you’re 100% safe.

And what you choose to install exactly to heat you up is up to you, with so many marine heating systems available. You might just want a few heaters, a fully installed heating system, or you can even install marine ply underfloor heating if you’re feeling ambitious. 

Benefits Of Marine Gas Installation

The immediate benefits of installing gas on your boat should probably speak for themselves. If you’re boating for your leisure then the last thing you need is to be shivering the nights away on board, especially on longer trips. Having a safe, warm space to retire or retreat to does wonders for your sense of well-being. For this reason, many people choose not to use their boats in the colder months. With a gas heating system on your boat, however, there’s no need to eschew the colder times of the year. In fact, these can be some of the best times to get out there. 

If you’re away for any length of time, having a place to cook on board makes all the difference. Whether you’re anchored up somewhere remote or just sitting in the harbour, cosying up in your boat with the heating on with hot food and maybe a few drinks can be magical in the winter evenings. And there’s nothing better than a hot brew when you need to warm both you and your fingers up during the days at sea. 

If you add a boat hot water heater to this setup, then you truly do have something akin to a home from home. If you are using your gas to cook then hot water will not only keep you clean but will make washing your dishes a whole lot more enjoyable too. After a hard day on deck, whatever it is your doing, with a boat hot water system you can not only warm your bones but soothe those aching muscles too. No need to waste time on marine hot water heater reviews; a water heater could be the perfect complement to your marine gas system. As the marine water heater comes with a heat exchanger, it’s also very cheap and efficient. Our marine tankless water heater will not affect your boats trim significantly either. Want to know more about water heaters? Check out our post on why install a boat hot water heater.

Although gas systems do require regular checks, these are affordable, and there’s no need for expensive annual services, as there is with some other forms of heating like diesel. Gas systems also fare better in cold weather, as diesel will ‘wax-up’, whereas gas will never freeze. 

With proper installation and the right equipment, using gas safely onboard is possible whatever the weather. Our gas bottle holders are guaranteed to keep your bottles secure whatever the conditions, so you can rest assured your boat is safe.

If the idea of cooking on the go appeals or you’re just tired of shivering the nights away, you should consider installing a marine gas heating system. It will improve your quality of life on board and empower you to go not only further, but all year round if you wish. For all your gas storage and water heating needs, visit BCA and see how our range could keep your boat comfortable and safe.

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