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How to Stay Warm on a Boat – Our Best Tips

When boating in colder weather, it’s important to take some extra precautions to make sure you stay warm. However, it can still get chilly even when you’re not boating in the colder seasons – it’s no secret that the water can hold a slight chill, and once this hits your skin, it can become quite crisp out on the water. In this blog, we’re going to be discussing some simple techniques on how to stay warm on a boat, so you, your friends and your family are well prepared next time you head out on the water.

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Dress in Layers

If you’re heading out on a boat during the cooler seasons, make sure you dress in enough layers. In winter, you want to wear long sleeved shirts and then a comfortable and warm jumper for added warms – including long pants, socks, and comfortable shoes. However, if it’s any other season, a simple cardigan or coat will do the trick.

Bring a Blanket

Bringing a blanket with you on your travels can provide an extra layer of warmth when you need it the most and can also be used to cover up if you get caught in a rainstorm. If your boat has a little storage cupboard, or perhaps you’re heading out on someone else’s boat, it’s highly recommended you take a blanket (or even a towel).

Pack Some Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are a great way to ensure your hands are kept warm throughout your adventures. Our hands and our feat generally feel the season changes first, which then causes the rest of our body to feel the change in temperature. Putting some hand warmers on, and even some socks, will ensure you’re cosy.

Bring Some Hot Drinks

For more convenient ways of how to stay warm on a boat, consider a thermos full of hot coffee, tea, or even just hot water can help warm you up from the inside out. These are perfect for the winter seasons, because you still have the opportunity to hit the water and enjoy yourself, while taking care of your family and friends with warm beverages.

Avoid Being in The Wind

If you can, try to position yourself so that you’re not in direct contact with the wind – this will help keep your body heat from escaping. Whether it’s sitting with your back to the wind direction, or positioning yourself behind a seat or wall, you’ll feel much warmer in no time.

Use a Tarp

If you have one handy, setting up a tarp can provide some shelter from the wind and rain. This may not be possible on every boat – and often times a boat will have a canopy already, but if not, utilising this material is a great source of protection from the elements.

Move Around

If you start to feel cold, try moving around a bit – this will help increase your body temperature and get your blood flowing which, in turn, ensures your body warms up a little more as opposed to when you’re sitting or lying down.

Looking for More Tips on How to Stay Warm on a Boat?

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