10 Must Have Caravan Accessories for Comfort

Attention all caravan campers! Are you looking for the best- must have caravan accessories to help you travel in comfort and style on your next big camping trip? Sick of uncomfortable rides and a lack of bare necessities when you’re out in nature? We’ve put together a list of must-have items for your caravan experience. These caravan gadgets will enhance your entire camping experience. Use this list to decide what things to keep in your caravan at all times. You can also refer to this article as a caravan setup checklist for your convenience.

Our Top 10 Must Have Caravan Accessories

1. GPS for Trucks

Truck GPS is a major necessity on any road trip. If your GPS Systems includes a specific “truck mode,” you’ll be able to factor in the size (height x length) of the truck rig. The truck GPS system will calculate a specific route that will allow you to easily move through major towns, cities, and highways, without running into any detours or issues because of your tow. The GPS for trucks helps to avoid low bridges or tight areas that will be hard to fit your RV and your car. You won’t regret investing in a special GPS for trucks.

2. Caravan Tri-Fold Table

Comfort is key while you are on your journey. Comfort includes good spaces to sit and eat, as well as reliable surfaces to use a laptop or even play a game of cards. A caravan fold down table is the perfect portable surface solution for your caravan. Caravan folding tables are easy to store, lightweight, and sturdy. A tri-fold caravan table is great for group eating, getting some work done on the caravan, or just using it as a surface for whatever you need.  You can even save space by getting a caravan table without legs. Invest in a caravan interior table for maximum comfort and practical use on your campervan.

3. Caravan Awning

Camping in Australia can be challenging because of the weather. Beach camping can get extremely hot, and being in the outback can sometimes leave you in spaces with minimal shade. To ensure your comfort, be sure to equip your caravan with an awning. A caravan awning will be very helpful when you stop for a break or when you are just relaxing outside of your camper trailer. You will be afforded with the luxury of an extended shelter that will cover you from unwanted sun rays or raindrops. They are also helpful in crowded camping grounds, offering some personal space for you and your camping comradesNeed more packing advice? See our post on the Ultimate Caravan Packing List.

4. Collapsible Fire Pit

A collapsible fire pit is a favorite for many Queensland campers. The fire pit is special because of its ability to collapse into a tiny flat device. It is easily portable and perfect for cooking. You’ll enjoy the luxury of boiling hot water or cooking a small meal. You can even use it as a fire pit to keep warm with your family. The fire pit is one of the most used and most highly recommended items that will add to your caravan comfort.

5. Hot Water Heater

A hot water system is a must have on your trip. A gas or electric heater for your caravan will afford you the convenience of hot showers, hot water, and steaming hot coffee in the morning.  Investing in caravan hot water systems will virtually change the whole essence of your trip. You will also save money on extra facility fees charged at some camper sites. Having readily-available caravan hot water is also beneficial when a passenger gets sick, or when items need to be disinfected on the caravan, it’s definitely an optimal caravan heating option.

6. Gas Fridge

A gas fridge will change the game for your camper trip. It is one of the most convenient things you can bring with you on the road. A gas fridge can run on about 12/24 powered battery or LPG gas. Be sure to also have a gas bottle holder for your safety on the caravan. Gas systems such as caravan gas heaters and caravan gas hot water systems have changed the face of caravan camping. With a gas fridge, you can store perishable food and keep ice or other frozen items while camping. A gas fridge will eventually save you hundreds of dollars on your camping trip.

Here are a few other gas systems that could increase the comfort and convenience of your camping trip.

  • Caravan BBQ – Great for cooking and picnicking outside your caravan
  • Instant hot water systems for caravans – Will optimise your shower experience and provide hot water on demand for all your needs
  • Caravan gas heater – A safe and convenient way to heat your caravan

7. Reversing Camera

Driving your tow vehicle can be a burden at times. With the size and the extension of the caravan, you may find yourself having trouble reversing and backing your vehicle up. A reversing camera is designed to help you with this issue. Your reversing camera is placed in the tow vehicle, it helps you when you need to reverse your vehicle by offering an optimal view of the space around and behind you. The reversing camera gives you a clear view of the back and increases the safety of driving a 5th wheeler. Investing in a reversing camera could potentially afford you massive savings on accidents or damage to your vehicle. You’ll never need someone to get out and direct you when you are working with a reversing camera.

8. Insect Screen

As campers, we all love nature, but bugs can become a nuisance, and at times, a danger. Some caravans are not equipped with screen doors, in this case, it’ll be beneficial to invest in an insect screen. An insect screen will keep bugs away and save you from unwanted bites or food contamination. It is highly recommended for you to invest in an insect screen when traveling with kids. Some kids have unknown bug allergies or could react badly to bites. You can avoid these issues by thinking ahead with a bug screen.

9. Fans and Portable Heater (for warmth)

Temperature control is a major key to having a comfortable RV trip. Mother nature can cause discomfort in your camper trailer with really cold nights, or extremely hot Australian outback summers. Investing in a portable fan and a portable heater will help you to regulate the temperature in your caravan. You can decide between a gas or electric portable heater or a vast collection of portable fans that will work best for your particular caravan space.

10. Caravan Tool Kit

A caravan tool kit is a collaboration of tools that may come in handy during your camping trip. You never know when you may stumble upon an unforeseen circumstance that may require some tools. Common instances are flat tires, loose bolts, broken caravan tables, or anything else that could happen. You ’ll be better safe than sorry if you have a caravan toolkit on hand.

Here are a few suggested items to carry in your toolkit:

  • Spanner – A spanner is great for changing batteries, wheels, and gas bottles. Invest in a good spanner and you won’t regret it
  • Screwdriver – Always a necessity. You never know when you will need a screwdriver for a maintenance check.
  • Various types of tape – Masking tape, heavy duty tape, insulation tape, fasteners
  • Warning triangles – You may be safer with warning triangles around your rig as you sleep at night. It will help others see your rig and prevent accidents.

Ready to roll?

Check off the items on this checklist and you’re sure to have a luxurious ride. See our marine accessories range of caravan folding tables and caravan hot water systems on our site.

Updated 7/08/2023

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