11 Secret Caravan Camping Sites in Australia

Caravan camping can be an amazing time for fun with family and friends. If you’re looking to enhance your caravan camper experience, you’ll need to think outside the box when picking your camping spot. Finding unique caravan camping sites can change your entire experience.

Australia is known for its beautiful scenic nature locations, but there are some secret Australian treasures that you may not know about. Take a look at our list of 11 secret caravan camping spots in Australia.

Our Top 11 Secret Caravan Camping Sites

Porcupine Gorge, Queensland

Welcome to Australia’s mini Grand Canyon. Porcupine Gorge is known for its amazing maze of features with secret twists and turns. Located in the Queensland Outback, Porcupine Gorge is easily navigated with a campervan.

Once you’ve reached the Porcupine Gorge camper site you’ll be delighted to find a peaceful and serene space. Visitors enjoy a tranquil adventure with friends and family. Porcupine Gorge is absolutely beautiful, filled with looming cliffs and plunging hills that reach down 120 meters to the bottom of the gorge.

The Porcupine Gorge campsite does not have any facilities. It’s recommended to be equipped with your own caravan accessories when visiting. A caravan gas heater for your caravan and caravan fold down tables will be smart to have when you visit Porcupine Gorge.  You’ll be responsible for payment of $3AUD upon arrival. The Porcupine Ridge sight is exclusive and extremely quaint. Don’t be surprised if you are only accompanied by just one or two RVs.

Devil’s Marbles, Northern Territory

The Devil’s Marbles in the Northern Territory is true to its name. This vast caravan camping site is a field of boulders located in the northern territory of Australia. This remote location is equipped with large stones and beautiful scenery.

You can reach the Devil’s Marbles territory through the Stuart Highway which brings you through the bottom of Australia. Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a site with basic facilities. We recommend equipping your motorhome with a caravan heater and caravan fold-down tables for both indoor and outdoor use.

Undara Lava Tubes, Queensland

The Undara Lava Tubes is a full experience. It is a tiny volcano of the Queensland landscape. The land is filled with natural hills, crevices, and tunnels created by a volcanic eruption 190,000 years ago. If you love to explore and discover unknown territories and tunnels, you will love the experience at Undara.

As with any campsite, we suggest enhancing your experience at Undara with a caravan hot water system. If you like to eat outside, you’ll benefit from a caravan BBQ system as well. Undara is a great space to enjoy a scenic outdoor meal.

Cylinder Beach, Stradbroke Island

A caravan trip to the beach is a dream and the Cylinder Beach campsite is a dream come true. Park your fifth wheeler and be greeted by beautiful blue skies and wonderful beach scenery.

The weather can be unpredictable on Stradbroke Island, so you may benefit from a caravan heater and an instant hot water system for your caravan.

Cylinder Beach offers enhanced campsite facilities. They offer shower areas and full plumbing flushable toilets, all included in the entry fee. You’ll need to take a car ferry to enter the island, it’ll cost you about $140, so be prepared to make the payment beforehand.

Peach Trees Camping, Jimna State Forest

Just a few hours northwest of Jimna State Forest lays the Peach Trees Camping ground. A beautiful space, perfect for nature lovers and for those looking for a nice hiking ground.

The Peach Trees Camping grounds have little to no facilities. Be prepared with caravan hot water systems, either gas or electric. You’ll need reliable water systems for showers and other cleaning needs.

Peach Trees is a camping ground located in a state forest, therefore making it a super affordable option for a camping trip. The area is well kept and maintained with new greenery pleasantly placed. Peach Trees is also handicap and wheelchair accessible.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to meet other RV campers or socialise with like-minded people, Peach Trees may be the right place for you. The camping ground tends to get crowded, filled with campers and groups of families and friends.

Great Keppel Island, Queensland

You’ll be amazed by Great Keppel Island, its a hidden treasure of Queensland. Australia’s islands are extremely popular for their beautiful sceneries and attractions. Tourists and travellers frequent the Kangaroo Island and Whitsunday Island for short getaways in paradise, but not many people know about the Great Keppel Island.

Great Keppel lost its appeal to tourists after they closed one of their most popular resorts, making the island perfect for those looking for a discreet getaway. Beautiful beaches and romantic walking paths are sprayed with a natural essence. You’ll love the Great Keppel island for a short overnight stay, or maybe even a few days.

Lake Moogerah, Scenic Rim

Lake Moogerah is covered with beautiful mountains and an amazing scenic backdrop. You won’t be too far from town and even closer to amazing nature and an awesome hiking trail. If you’re into breathtaking views and lovely open grounds, you’ll absolutely love what Lake Moogerah has to offer.

Lake Moogerah offers a full caravan park with private camping grounds for your convenience. The campgrounds are popular for tourists and fisherman.

You’ll save money on basic facilities if you come equipped with a hot water system in your camper trailer. You may also benefit from tri-fold caravan tables which will be useful when looking for a place to eat comfortably.

A perk of Lake Moogerah is all of the great activities available onsite. For a fee, you can get a fishing dinghy, a kayak, or some paddle boards.

Karijini National Park, Western Australia

If you are looking for a fun nature filled experience, Karijini National Park is the place for you. This Western Australian attraction site is filled with giant gorges and natural swimming areas and awesome trails.

Your safety is key at Karijini, the trails are marked by class, deeming class 6 trails as banned and off limit for use. You’ll want to spend a few days at Karijini. There are various campsites located in the park, some of which are a bit expensive for the use of facilities. Cut costs by investing in gas bottle holders and caravan gas heaters.

There are many adventures and opportunities for great fun at Karijini.

Keep River National Park, Northern Territory

Hidden within the Outback of Western Australia is Keep River, National Park. You’ll find beautiful palm trees and a spectacular view at this site.

This remote area is a place to be for a few days. You’ll need time to get there (which could take up to 4 days) and then time to explore the beautiful nature of the park.

The site is equipped with basic facilities. Prepare yourself with caravan folding tables and gas caravan heaters to make for an easier stay.

Cedar Creek Camping At Amamoor Creek, Sunshine Coast

Cedar Creek is not your average camping site. It is filled with beautiful grassy lands and a wonderful creek, perfect for swimming. The low-cost facility will allow you to stay for just $7 per night, per person.

The camping ground is small and liable to get crowded during the holidays. The site offers showers but people have complained that they are cold and rusty. A caravan heating option could be beneficial for a more comfortable stay.

Mary River, Northern Territory

Mary River is perfect for campers who love to be near freshwater rivers and great fishing attraction areas. If you love to watch crocodiles, you’ll be intrigued to know that Mary River has the largest population of saltwater crocodiles in Australia.

Inspired to go caravan camping in all these beautiful spots?

If you’re getting ready to visit some of top caravan camping sites in Australia, check out our range of folding camper tables and caravan hot water systems here for maximum comfort while camping! See our post on 8 Space-Saving Storage Solutions For Campervans so you’ll be all set for your trip.

Updated 7/08/2023

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