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Caravan Adventures: Must See Places in Queensland

Are you considering a vacation and wondering what are the must visit places in Queensland? Perhaps you’d like to see the coast. There are lots of ways to travel around and see Queensland, but we can think of no better way to do so than in a caravan?

The must see places in Queensland in a caravan

For must see QLD, the best way to do it is with a caravan. As part of our Caravan Adventures blog series, we decided to put together this list of great places that are must see in QLD. This trip will be from the Cape York Peninsula down to the southern Gold Coast. There’s lots to do and many beaches to see. So let’s get started.

Cape York Peninsula – Port Douglas

If you’re starting your trip on the Cape York Peninsula, a great place to visit is Port Douglas. From there you can visit one of the most iconic must visit places in Queensland – the Great Barrier Reef. Port Doulas also has the Four Mile Beach and the Flagstaff Hill Walking Trail. If you can manage to arrange your trip so you’re there on a Sunday, then you have to visit the Sunday Market. It’s where local artisans sell their crafts, and you can also buy fresh fruits and vegetables.


The next stop on your must see QLD adventure should be Mackay. We recommend that you take in some of the Bluewater Trail. It’s 20 kilometres, so you don’t have to do all of it, but the stretch near Pioneer River has some wonderful outdoor art exhibits. If you’re into scenic views, Lamberts Lookout is one of the best places in the Mackay region. There’s also relaxing Harbour Beach, which has calmer waters than many QLD beaches due to being shielded by reefs.


As you continue to travel south, you’ll eventually find yourself in the charming coastal town of Yeppoon. It is definitely one of the must see places in Queensland. It’s famous for its beaches, islands and nice weather. But there’s more to Yeppoon than just that. The historic Capricorn Caves offer a window into the ancient world. You can take a ferry to Keppel Island, where you can enjoy snorkelling, jet skiing, paddle boarding, and many other marine activities. Yeppoon is also home to many wonderful beachside restaurants with delicious food. Eat, stay, and enjoy.

Sunshine Coast

Are you noticing a theme yet? All of the places that are must see in QLD on this list are related to the beach. The Sunshine Coast is no exception, as it has some of the best beaches in Australia. You can rent a 4×4 and go on a beach drive to see the excellent beaches there, such as Rainbow Beach and the Coloured Sands. Tours are popular at the Sunshine Coast, where you can go on a seaplane tour or a craft beer tour. You can also visit the Australia Zoo, which is regarded by many as one of the best zoos in Australia.


Our caravan adventure comes to an end at Coolangatta, and it’s got a lot to offer. If surfing is your thing, Snapper Rocks offers one of the best surfing spots around. Coolangatta beach is also a great place to play and relax. If you’re there in August and September, you can go Humpback whale watching. When it’s time to eat, head to Kirra Hill Lookout and have a picnic or a barbeque. We know you’ll have a good time in Coolangatta.

The best way to see Queensland with a caravan

Those are our must see places in Queensland, and they are best enjoyed by way of caravanning. Is your caravan up to spec for this kind of trip? To find out about caravan accessories and travelling in style with a caravan, get in touch with BCA Australia to browse our range of products. Call us on 0418497029 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you.

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