8 Space-Saving Campervan Storage Ideas

Caravan camping is one of Australia’s most coveted pastimes. Tourists and locals alike take full advantage of the vast landscapes and unique camping grounds across Australia. Veteran campers understand the importance of minimising clutter and packing light during a caravan trip. For new campers, finding solutions to issues with limited space can save a lot of time and money. When it comes to finding campervan storage ideas, the key is thinking outside the box. Use every inch of the caravan as a storage space and separate needs from wants when packing the caravan for the trip.

We’ve put together some major space-saving campervan storage ideas that will help simplify the task of saving storage space for your next caravan trip. Take a look below and think about alternative ways you can use every inch of space within your caravan to minimise clutter.

Hanging Wardrobes

Keeping your campervan clear of clutter is key. When camping by caravan, space is one of the largest challenges. A major challenge can be sleeping on a cluttered caravan. A poorly packed caravan can cause issues with damaged items, accidents, and injuries. Investing in items like hanging wardrobes to help safely create more space in your caravan. Cut the nightstand addition to the caravan and use a hanging wardrobe or a cloth caddy to store the items that you would put in your nightstand. Hang your nightstand off the side of your bed to free up space near your sleeping area.

Get creative and use your headboard as a storage space to store items like medicine or books and reading glasses. Another form of a hanging wardrobe is a tension rod. Tension rods can be hung underneath dining room tables or even under large chairs and can store cleaning supplies like paper towels and washcloths. With hanging wardrobes and other hanging storage items, you can take advantage of the vertical space in your home, especially in the kitchen area. Invest in dish cradle to stack dishes and save space. Hanging trash bins also work well above the cupboard area, they prevent your bin from tipping over and making a huge mess in your caravan.  The cupboard is a great space to use and maximise space. Add hanging trays and hanging shelves to your caravan’s cupboards to increase space. Look for kitchen utensils with holes that are easy to hang and ultimately save space in your cupboard. Hanging things is one of the easiest ways to save space in your caravan.

3 In One Jackets

Clothes tend to take a lot of space in our closets and throughout the campervan. Finding alternative ways to save clothing space is a major caravan storage solution. Clothing that offers multiple uses is the best way to go when looking for what to pack for your trip. A 3 in one jacket allows you to wear the jacket in multiple ways for multiple weather conditions. Invest in a puffy jacket that is also waterproof and can be broken down into separate pieces like a light jacket or a puffy vest.

Nesting Pots and Foldable Kettle

Saving space in the kitchen area is a viable storage solution for caravans. Invest in kitchen supplies that take up minimal space and can be compressed, stacked, consolidated, or folded. A nesting pot set offers multiple pots of different sizes that can conveniently stack into each other. Nesting pots allow for full cooking set to be stored on the caravan only taking up the space of one pot. Quality nesting pots are available with non-stick features made with quality materials. Nesting pots are also great for food storage in your caravan fridge.

Foldable kettles have a similar use. Use your foldable kettle and fold it into a small space-saving shape. A collapsible kettle and other collapsible dishes are a recommended investment for any caravan trip.

Gas Bottle Holders

Most commonly, caravans and motorhomes run on gas as the major source of energy. Be sure to choose the right type of gas for your caravan and equip yourself with gas bottle holders. Also, Be sure to invest in gas bottle holders and store them properly on the caravan. Caravan gas heaters and other gas run tools on the caravan need a holder to avoid spills, fires, and other unfortunate gas-related accidents on the caravan. If you are wondering how to heat your caravan without power, a gas backup unit is recommended, and you’ll need a gas bottle holder to store your backup gas system. Gas bottle holders also help to save space on the caravan by consolidating the gas containers in one space. Gas bottle holders can also be mounted on walls to save space. Caravan campers must remember to place their gas bottle holders in a well-ventilated space away from a bed or very flammable objects.

Caravan Fold-Down Table

Foldable furniture is highly recommended as a space-saving solution for caravans. It is recommended that all or most of the furniture on the should have foldable or collapsible features. A caravan fold-down table or a tri-fold caravan table is highly recommended. Sit at the table with your family and friends to enjoy a meal or a fun activity then fold your table and put it away to save space when you are not using it. A pull out caravan table without legs is also recommended as a viable space saving solution.

Caravan fold-down tables have practical designs that offer enhanced space saving qualities like easy height adjustment and flexibility. Use your fold-down table to mount on any boat or any of your other RVs without restricting any space. A fold-down table also offers folding or mounting options that help save space.  Fold down tables offer easy installation options that make it simple to change the location of the table or install extra mounting plates. Fold down tables can be used both inside or outside a caravan or boat. They are also extremely durable and built to withstand harsh weather and swift movements.

All collapsible furniture is recommended to help save space on a caravan. Look into options for collapsible chairs as well. Saving space with furniture is the ultimate space-saving storage solution.

Walls and Ceilings

Utilizing the wall and ceiling space in your caravan will save ample space throughout your RV. Using hanging wardrobes and other hanging products is recommended. Safely and securely hang items from the walls and ceilings of your caravan without worrying about things falling or causing any unfortunate accidents. Every inch of wall and ceiling space should be considered when coming up with space-saving solutions in your caravan. Hang a wire rack from the ceiling and use it to store your toiletries and other small items.

Velcro and Magnetic Strips on Walls

Be sure to invest in the proper adhesive to use on the walls and ceilings of the caravan. Velcro and magnetic strips are highly recommended sources of adhesive for caravan walls. Use velcro strips to store remote controls and other small devices on surfaces and walls. Magnetic strips work best for items like scissors and other metal supplies. Using velcro and magnetic strips is a safe and easy way to minimise the clutter of small items throughout the caravan.

Looking for campervan storage ideas?

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Updated 18/09/2023

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