Benefits Of Caravan Gas Installation

Why Caravan Gas Installation?

So you have an electric powered caravan. It’s nice, isn’t it? Except for when you can’t find a place to plug it in at the end of the night and you have run out of power. Then it gets a little inconvenient. Well, that is why gas power exists for your caravan. So you can bring the convenience of having power with you anywhere you go, with no worries of finding a place to plug in.

With an electric caravan, it is hard to have features like a fridge as all of the food will spoil when it runs out of power. Not to mention, maybe you want to camp in a more scenic, outdoorsy location every so often. It is pretty hard to find a place to plug in in the middle of the woods.

It might not sound like much right now, but in the long run, switching to gas power adds endless convenience to your camping adventures, but if you aren’t convinced, we’ll go into some other reasons to make the switch to caravan gas installation below.


Refrigerators are probably the most convenient appliance ushered in by the modern age. They keep your food from spoiling and they keep your drinks chilled. The issue is, you can’t really have one in an electric caravan since you can run out of power at any moment. When you are unplugged and on the road, all of your food is on a timer that counts down towards spoiling.

With a gas powered caravan, you always have your energy with you in your gas cylinders. All you need is a gas bottle holder, a gas cylinder and a few other simple niceties and you will be set to bring power with you wherever you go, and food too.

Hot Showers

Taking a hot shower will generally leave you cleaner and more relaxed, not to mention it just feels better.

It is pretty rare to find somebody who enjoys a nice, ice cold shower. However, if you are travelling in an electricity-powered caravan, you might have to take one every so often whether you like it or not. This is another reason for having a gas powered caravan. You can easily have a gas powered caravan hot water heater installed in your RV and you will not ever have to deal with dousing yourself in cold water again.

Hot showers also have a host of health benefits proven by science that you may want to take into account before ignoring this point. The hot water is better at killing bacteria, it helps soothe the body, it lowers stress and it can have positive effects on high blood pressure. Taking a hot shower will generally leave you cleaner and more relaxed, not to mention it just feels better.

4. Collapsible Fire Pit

A collapsible fire pit is a favorite for many Queensland campers. The fire pit is special because of its ability to collapse into a tiny flat device. It is easily portable and perfect for cooking. You’ll enjoy the luxury of boiling hot water or cooking a small meal. You can even use it as a fire pit to keep warm with your family. The fire pit is one of the most used and most highly recommended items that will add to your caravan comfort.

Hot Water

Just like hot showers, a gas hot water system is a lovely luxury to have when you are on the road if you regularly do dishes. If you are washing the dishes frequently, you may notice that it is pretty hard to get all the dirt and grime off when using cold water. Not to mention, on a microscopic level, hot water kills a great deal more bacteria than cold water ever will, and is definitely the way you want to go for keeping your cutlery nice and sterile. Thinking about whether to get a gas or electric hot water heater? See our post on Gas, Electric or Gas/Electric Caravan Hot Water Heater.


Let me paint a picture for you. You are driving around in your RV enjoying the views of the beautiful Australian countryside when you realize that you are incredibly hungry. There are not any grocery stores around for miles, so you take a look at what you have with you in your caravan. Even with your new gas powered fridge, you realize that all you have is cold food and ingredients. What are you supposed to do?

Cook it all up, of course.

Another convenience of a gas powered caravan is being able to cook on the road. There are a variety of cooking appliances you can hook up inside of your caravan that will allow you to take the delicious taste of home-cooked food with you wherever you go. From caravan cookers to caravan gas barbeques, there are a variety of ways to keep your culinary mind active on the road.  

But what happens if you run out of gas while you are in the middle of cooking a meal? Well, that is the beauty of gas power. All you have to do is take out your current gas bottle from your gas bottle enclosure, pull another cylinder from your gas bottle holder and fix it up to your caravan gas regulator.

And you don’t have to stop at just a stovetop or a barbeque, you can even take a microwave with you on the road. It is the perfect balance between cooking and convenience and can make your life a whole lot easier if you want to reheat leftovers or just buy something cold from the store.

These appliances all pair perfectly with caravan fridges, as you can use the fridge to keep all of your ingredients cold and the cooking surfaces to cook it all up.

Gas Oven

Cooking savoury foods is nice, but what do you do if your sweet tooth starts itching while you are on the road? You bake! That’s right, even ovens can be fixed up to your gas-powered caravan, allowing for an entirely different style of cooking than you would get from any other cooking appliance.

Bake cookies, cakes, or if you are feeling lazy, just slap a rub on some meat and throw it in there for a while. Having an oven is the best way to make something sweet or have a meal cooked for you, and now you can do it anywhere you please.

Caravan Gas Heater

The chilly Australian winter limits your camping space with an electric motorhome even further than it already is. At least during the spring, you can camp without electricity if you wanted to, but now you would basically have to freeze yourself to death. That’s where gas heaters come in.

“It is a simple ‘just add gas’ system.”

Maybe you’ve been wondering how to heat a caravan without power, and the short answer is that you can’t. But you can heat your caravan without plugging it in. As long as you have gas, you can keep your motorhome heated whenever and wherever you want. Just find a place to park and you can power your heater and everything else with it. It is a simple ‘just add gas’ system.

Have A Backup Gas Bottle

It is important to note after all this discussion of having gas that keeping gas on hand is not a difficult task. A 9k gas bottle (the average barbeque-sized bottle) will last you a while on its own, and it is easy to keep a spare. Transporting gas bottles in cars is not as difficult as you might think.

All you need is a 9kg gas bottle holder or two to carry your spares and you can bring as much gas as you would like wherever you go. You can hold them down with a gas bottle strap, tuck them in with a gas bottle bracket, or you can even get a roof rack bottle holder that will conveniently carry your gas bottles on the roof of your car.

Convinced Caravan Gas Installation is the Way to Go?

Get your caravan gas bottle holders and hot water tanks for boats and caravans from BCA Australia!. It’ll change your road trip into a luxurious one, your home away from home.

Updated 18/09/2023

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