Guide To Caravan Gas Certification

How To Apply For Caravan Gas Certification In Australia

If you’re planning to install gas in your caravan, or you’re already running it but need to be sure you’re in compliance with all the rules and regs, then this article is for you.

There are many reasons why you might choose to install gas in your caravan. Gas can be used for heating, or to power gas appliances for cooking, meaning you can rustle up your favourite meals on the road to help you feel right at home. Check out our caravan hot water systems if you need a hot water heater for your caravan – gas can also be used to heat water, providing you with constant hot water no matter how far off the beaten track you might want to go.

Whatever you use your gas for though, it is important that when installed you are issued with a gas compliance certificate to make sure you are not only fully road legal, but for your own safety and peace of mind. 

Below we tell you everything you need to know to make sure you’re fully in compliance. We’ll cover who can issue the certificate, and how long they are valid for. We’ll also cover costs, as well as some other important things to bear in mind when using and transporting gas in your caravan, RV or trailer. 

How Do I Get A Gas Compliance Certificate?

If your caravan or RV is to have LP Gas installed, it is crucial you know that you are required to have a Gas System Compliance Certificate issued. This certificate must be issued by the holder of an LP Gas Licence. Nearly all plumbers and gas fitters will hold this license, but it is worth checking to weed out any cowboys! 

This certificate is also required in order to register the vehicle. A current certificate must be issued every time a caravan is sold or purchased. This still applies even if the last certificate is still valid, as a new inspection must be carried out and new certification issued. This is also true each time you have any repairs carried out on your gas appliances, or if any alterations be done to the original LP Gas installation.

As only a licensed LP Gas Fitter is authorised to carry out work on any part of a gas installation, including the removal and replacement of appliances, they can normally test the fitting and issue your certificate at the same time. 

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How Long Does A Gas Certificate Last?

A Gas Compliance Certificate does not expire as such for the purposes of compliance: as stated above though, you must have a new one issued every time you add or change any appliances, and each and every time you have any work done on either the appliances or any other part of your LP gas system. 

However, if you wish to sell your caravan, the certificate you present must have been issued within three months of the sale being completed. So in this sense, a gas certificate lasts for three months.  

How Much Is A Caravan Gas Certificate?

How much you will have to pay for your gas certification will vary depending on where in the country you are, and to an extent how much the workman decides. If you are having an appliance fitted you might find this comes as part of the total cost of the fitting. 

Generally speaking though, if you are having your caravan tested you can expect to pay from $100-$150. 

Guidelines/Compliance Issues

When preparing your caravan for a Gas Compliance Certificate Check, there are quite a few things you should bear in mind to make sure you give yourself the best chance of passing. If your caravan were to fail, you could in some circumstances have to pay out again for your test, so here are a few things to think about. 

  • Your caravan, RV or trailer must be on flat level ground.
  • You should check you have gas in the gas bottle.
  • All gas appliances must be shown to function properly.
  • You should have a 2 stage regulator with opp (you can ask your fitter about this!). 
  • Your caravan must have a test point installed.
  • You can only have fitted Australian certified appliances, which comply to Australian standard AS5601.

How Much Gas Can You Legally Carry?

You can carry 50L of LPG in your caravan, which is equivalent to 2 9kg cylinders. However, there are many regulations as to how these cylinders can be stored which it is crucial you follow, which we have covered below. 

Where Should Gas Be Stored?

Australian Standard AS/NZS 5601.2:2013 Section 3.4 sets out specific requirements for the storage of gas in caravans, storage compartments or lockers the gas will be stored in. 

The storage compartment: 

  • Must only contain the secured cylinders and associated fittings – and must not contain any electrical equipment, batteries or other sources of ignition. 
  • Must be inaccessible from inside of the caravan itself, and must be sealed to prevent gas vapour from entering the caravan.
  • Must have an unobstructed and properly positioned drain or vent to prevent gas from entering the caravan, or being exposed to a source of ignition. 
  • Should be resistant to water and corrosion. 
  • Must display the specified warning sign. 
  • Should have appropriate fittings to keep the gas bottles 100% secure – our gas bottle holderscomply with all of the necessary regulations. 

By following the above guidelines, and making sure you have your certificate updated every time you have work done on your caravan, it’s not so hard to make sure you are road legal when using gas. Making sure your gas supply is safe though means much more than just staying within the law: it gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your adventures on the road.

If you’re worried your caravan doesn’t comply, you should consult a gas fitter, and check out our full range to see if we can help. And if you’re thinking of getting gas installed, you can be sure all of our products comply to all Australian Standards, so have a look at our full range on BCA Australia.  

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