Lagun Folding Tables

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Turn, spin or fold, this tri fold table can be made to suit all situations, and you can always have it set up without it getting in the way. With no legs of its own, there’s always plenty of room for yours.

The Lagun is widely used on boats, caravans, motorhomes, RVs and camper trailers – anywhere a fold down table can help you save on space.

Want to mount your Lagun Fold Down Table in a second spot? The Lagun Table comes with 1 mounting plate kit. Purchase a second Lagun Mounting Plate Kit here.

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Lagun Caravan Table Legs

Without an adjustable folding table and legs it’s impossible to fit a standard 4-legged table in your caravan or boat because space comes at a premium, think of all the other caravan accessories cluttering your space already. That is why a Lagun table and caravan table legs are so useful. Dine in comfort with the Lagun Adjustable Table Legs and a beautiful space saving table of your choice. You’ll be able to mount any caravan tabletop onto our table leg styles that make the perfect base – the single, telescopic leg makes room for your own legs to move freely.

The ability to swivel this table leg in all directions means that you’ll be able to move the caravan table top right where you want it. No wonder it’s truly essential when it comes to motorhome accessories.

Need more ideas? Check out our gallery of Lagun tables being used in boats and caravans above.


The popular Lagun table, typically used on boats and caravans, has been improved with this great new practical design, that allows the trifold adjustable caravan table to turn, spin and fold. Lagun tables and legs are ingeniously designed and allow for:

  • Easy height adjustment – complete maneuverability.
  • Turning or folding while still mounted, to save space.
  • Unit folds up neatly when dismantled, so the marine and caravan fold down table can be packed away to save space.
  • Mounting on any boat, caravan or RV without restricting space so you can store even more caravan supplies.


Built to resist the harsh elements of the sea, the frame is manufactured from saltwater-resistant anodised aluminium and all moving parts are extremely hardwearing. You won’t find any comparable products for the price!

Lagun folding tables can be placed anywhere inside or outside your boat and rest assured that it will withstand the elements regardless of weather.

Often used in caravans and motor homes, the Lagun tri fold table is also able to withstand the knocks and bumps of daily caravan life camping experience thanks to its anodised aluminium frame.

Installation: How Does A Tri Fold Table Work?

  • Install the mounting plate to the bulkhead or panel.
  • Fix the marine or caravan tabletop onto the top mount plate.
  • Mount the frame to the mounting plate.
  • To make changing the location of the table easy, simply install extra mounting plates offering complete control.
  • The swivel caravan tables can then be used in different positions on the vehicle, caravan, or boat, inside and outside.

Get Your Boat And Camper Accessories Online at BCA Australia

Looking for Lagun folding tables and legs for sale? These unique mobile home tri fold table legs will be your go-to platform and has quickly become one of the more popular caravan gadgets among space saving table and fittings in Australia, not to mention popular as a boat dining surface. It’s a must-have for your home away from home and will come in useful anytime you need a platform to dine or work on. All you’ll need is the caravan platform leg fittings plus a suitable tabletop of your choice and you’ll be able to install your very own caravan tables.

The single, adjustable caravan table legs enable you to stretch your own legs out while moving the table to your desired position, unlike other designs that take up additional leg space.

Whether you’re looking for boat accessories, marine tables or caravan tables, the Lagun Tri-Fold telescopic leg is a great choice for any boat or motorhome. Keen to buy your RV parts online? BCA Australia ships their accessories Aust-wide to any location!


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