Sigmar Marine Water Heater – 22L

$1,457.00 inc GST

When you spend time out on the water having easy access to basic hot water can mean the difference between a good trip and a great one! Whether you want a hot cup of coffee or taking a refreshing hot shower to wash away the weight of your day, BCA Australia’s 22 litre Sigmar Marine water heater is perfectly suited for keeping you comfortable.

WIDTH: 287mm
LENGTH: 558mm
HEIGHT: 297mm




The exterior of the 22L Sigmar Marine water heater is made from corrosion and rust plastic that is resistant to which makes for easy maintenance and a long product lifespan. The inside is lined with stainless steel making it sturdy and corrosion resistant. High quality polyurethane foam insulation keeps the heat inside the tank and away from the exterior creating an efficient and safe environment. Taking up less space than comparable boilers, it’s compact design allows it to fit into even the smallest of spaces on your marine craft. This compact water heater easy to install thanks to the integrated mounting brackets so you can start accessing hot water on your boat or RV quickly.

22L Sigmar Marine Water Heater – Installation

  • Using the holes found on the boiler, fasten it to a dry, flat and well ventilated surface.
  • Connect the input & output taps.
  • Connect the engine cooling to the heat exchanger.

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Sigmar Marine Boiler Specifications:

  • Materials: INOX
  • Installation: Vertical / horizontal deck and bulkhead
  • Insulation: Polyurethane foam (max 50 mm. top part of water heater)
  • Fittings Engine and Water: ½ “ Gas BSP UNI ISO 228
  • Safety and Non Return Valve: 6 BAR ± 1 (87 psi)
  • Heating Element: Incoloy with AISI 316 1 ¼” fitting

Sigmar Marine Boiler Characteristics:

  • Sturdy plastic casing with integrated brackets
  • Stainless steel AISI 316 inside tank
  • Injected polyurethane foam
  • Stainless steel AISI 316 heat exchanger
  • 800/1200W 220V (on request 110V) heating element
  • Regulating thermostat with double safety
  • Safety and non-return valve
  • Universal mount (vertical and horizontal)
  • Thermostatic mixing valve kit available as an accessory
  • Various models with different storage capacity are available

The Sigmar Marine compact water heater, thanks to its innovative compact plastic casing and integrated brackets offer the following advantages:

  • Occupy less space than equivalent hot water heaters with separate fastening brackets, makes a great rv storage water heater.
  • Greater strength of plastic to corrosion, breakage or damage.
  • Greater electric insulation of plastic.
  • Better thermal insulation: more insulation material covers the upper part of the Sigmar Marine compact boiler where heat dissipation is normally greater thanks to the inside tank’s dis-axial position in respect to the outside casing.
  • Plastic casing itself dissipates less heat than other materials.
  • Greater security: casing houses five sturdy fixing points (rather than the four of traditional separate side mountings/brackets).
  • Quicker and simpler installation: no separate side mountings/brackets to be dismantled/ remounted and integrated bracket’s five fixing points are easily accessible from the sides or above.
  • Safer installation: no sharp edges or burrs.
  • Heat exchangers in stainless steel AISI 316 ensure that any waste engine heat from the Sigmar Marine compact boiler is transformed into hot water.

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