Gas Bottle Holders


You can only transport two gas bottles in your caravan at any one time. The maximum gas bottle size you can transport is 30L (13.5kg).

You can carry a gas bottle in your van, you just need to follow some basic legal and safety requirements. You can also carry a gas bottle in your caravan. Gas bottles are safe to carry so long as you use a gas bottle holder.

Caravans need a gas certificate to show the gas was installed in accordance with AS/NZS 5601.2: 2013. This refers to LP gas installations in caravans and boats for non-propulsive purposes. Gas certificates for caravans are a legal requirement.

Caravans use propane or butane gas. Gas powers appliances in caravans.

The gas that is commonly used for cooking in caravans is LPG or liquified petroleum gas. Gas used for cooking is also known as propane or butane gas, and this gas is used for cooking equipment and heating appliances.

You can cook in your caravan with LPG gas. LPG gas is clean burning and produces less CO2 than other forms of fuel, making it perfect for cooking in caravans. It also benefits the environment.

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