Lagun Yacht Table Frame

Turn, spin or fold, this table can be made to suit all situations, and you can always have it set up without it getting in the way. With no legs of it's own, there is plenty of rooms for yours.

The Lagun is not just for boats but widely used for caravans, motor homes and camper trailers

Simplicity means ingenuity

Table Frame & 1 Plate : Part no. 30605

Extra Mounting Plate Kit: Part no. 30607


The popular Lagun boat table has been improved with this great new practical design, that allows the table to turn, spin and fold. Its ingenious design allows for:

  • Easy height adjustment.
  • Turning or folding while still mounted, to save space.
  • Unit to fold up neatly when dismantled, so it can be packed away.
  • Mounting on any boat or RV without restricting space.


It's as easy as:

  • Install the mounting plate to the bulkhead or panel.
  • Fix the table top onto the top mount plate.
  • Mount the frame to the mounting plate.
  • To make changing the location of the table easy, simply install extra mounting plates.
  • The table can then be used in different positions on the vehicle or boat, inside and outside.


Built to resist the harsh elements of the sea, the frame is manufactured from saltwater-resistant anodised aluminium and all moving parts are extremely hardwearing.