Caravan Accessories


GAS Bottle Holders & Straps

Gas Bottle Holder
Black Plastic w/out Strap


Spacer for Gas Bottle Holder
Black Plastic

Marine Refrigeration Parts
Marine Tables
Part No 01656 T03089
Part No 01656 T03189
Strap for Gas Bottle Holder
Black with Plastic Buckle
Gas Bottle Holder Assembled,
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Mooring Systems
Motorhome Accessories

Part Number: 01656 T03299

Moorfast Mooring System

Part Number : MF1 E

It has taken over 2000 years to come up with a better boathook. Thank goodness for Moorfast

Retractable Bow Thrusters

Great Features

Drop it and it floats, ( you are probably still holding the rope anyway, so you can pull it straight back)
Shape of the mouth 'picks up' shackles and rings
Halves for storage

So handy, you will wonder why it took so long to invent

This fantastic boat hook is easy to use with buoys, marina cleats, pile moorings, and even in locks. In fact anywhere you need to moor by threading your rope through or around, all from the the safety of your own deck.

With over 2 metres of reach, you no longer need to lie on the foredeck to reach a buoy or jump off onto a slippery finger pontoon.

As well as threading a rope, Moorfast can guide a loop safely over a cleat or bollard from your deck, for instance alongside a pontoon, and lift it off again when you are ready to go. Equally useful when a marina cleat is blocked with other mooring lines.

Moorfast uses your own ropes. It does not rely on leaving the clip on the mooring. Attach your rope to the Moorfast feeder line and a simple "push-pull" action threads the feeder line and, by continuing to pull, brings your rope back to your hand. It really is that easy.

This is a ready-to-use complete mooring system. Manufactured from high-tech materials for the marine environment, it is used by boat owners worldwide.

The unique claw shaped head will even scoop up awkward buoy rings or shackles which are lying flat.

If dropped in the water, it floats.The telescopic handle halves in length for easy storage.

Stern Thruster



ROYAL Single Lever Mixer

Household quality and comfort with minimum weight and size.
Chromed brass construction, with long life ceramic valves.
Suitable for hot water up to 10bar.
Spout rotates 360 degrees.

max 160mm
max. 50mm
Mounting Hole:
diam. 32mm
Hose Connections:
NYLON flex hoses 2 x 250mm with hose connection of 3/8" diam.

Supplied with fixing kit
Thermostatic Mixing Valve Boat Accessories

FLORENZ Single Level Mixer

Boat VentilationThe single level mixer FLORENZ has ceramic cartridges as used in household fittings. Longlife and quality are ensured. The fine knob allows you to regulate temperature and waterflow exactly.
NYLON flex hoses 10mm diam
Mounting hole:
33mm diam
40mm (turned up)
Thread length:
Thread Diam:

ROMA Single Lever Mixer Chrome

Bow Stern ThrustersHousehold quality and comfort. The ROMA single lever mixer has a ceramic cartridge as used in household taps to ensure a long life.
Suitable for hot water up to 3 bar (42 psi).
Single lever ROMA with spray outlet 30 chrome
nylon flex hoses 10 mm
Mounting hole:
33mm diam
Thread length:

Cool your fridge

Up to 30% energy saving can be obtained for absorption refrigerators simply by speeding the change-over of air at the heat exchanger of the fridge. This improves the cooling capacity of the refrigerator.

Our ready to install "fridge cooling ventilator" features: Automatic refrigerator cooling fan, fully suppressed, light grey

Special mounting bracket
Cable length: 30cm
Flat cable shoes: 6.3mm
Voltage: 12V
Consumption: 7 W
Airflow: 60m3/h
Operating Temp: max 60ºC


The ventilator should be mounted between the rows of cooling ribs. The thermostat should be mounted on the upper cooling rib, outside of the fan airflow. The uppermost hot ribs should be blown at a slant. (as above).

Bow Thruster InstallationCaravan Accessories

Cool your van

Roof ventilator

Caravan Tap Fittings
Opening in roof:
Height above roof:
200mm dia
Air-flow fully suppressed:
max 60cu. m/hr
        Bow and stern thrusters
Marine Tap Fittings
Marine Water Heaters
Boat Accessories
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